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I have told people, you can tell its a koori Yama or even half koori Yama based on their temperament, she produces dogs who are truly unmatched in solid temperaments and shining personalities, it's been a joy to work with each and every one that has passed through my doors at Walking with my Shadow LLC. And I would definitely do it again! She has no problems giving advice, or even just being there for you no matter what's going on. She truly puts her heart and soul into every dog and you can see it as soon as you meet one. She truly is a special human in this world. 💜💜💜



When I was in need of a service dog I was searching high and low for a good breeder. Someone in a breeder referral group directed me to Whitney, as I had chosen Siberian Husky for my prospect. Whitney asked all of the right questions to pair me with the perfect puppy, even going as far as to do the proper temperament testing to ensure my boy was fit for the job! This dog is amazing in every single way! A great service dog, my absolute best friend with a flawless temperament, and beautiful structure to the point I am even taking him to shows now! Whitney has also stood by my side and will continue to do so for the life of my pup! I absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a Husky!



Our girl from Koori Yama is outstanding! I work with dogs and Huskies have a certain reputation. For a family dog that could go to work with me, on family outings, live peacefully with our rambunctious boys and other pets - I absolutely required a sound temperament. When we contacted Koori Yama, everything was excellent. We asked to be matched with a sweet, lower key girl and she is exactly so. Our girl is bombproof. She is extremely smart and trainable, biddable. She also has her silly and sassy moments we adore. Koori Yama gave her the best start in life, and it has been an awe-inspiring foundation to build upon. We are completely smitten with our perfect girl. Not to be vain, but I also enjoy how gorgeous she is. She's one of my favorite subjects to photograph. We highly recommend Koori Yama.



I have four dogs from Koori Yama Siberians! Seraph, international champion national champion BCAT OFA Hips Excellent elbows normal eyes clear embark clear Ether, International champion national champion OFA Hips good elbows normal eyes clear embark clear Klaus, International champion national champion, OFA Hips good elbows normal eyes clear embark clear Casca, UKC CH AKC pointed, OFA Hips good elbows normal eyes clear embark clear All four of them are absolutely amazing dogs and are everything I could ask for!  I would always trust her with my dogs!



Seriously the best experience, when I told Whitney exactly what I wanted in my first Siberian, I was not let down. I said I needed a confident, calm dog with a drive for sports, handler focus and highly trainable. She and I spent hours going over which puppy’s temperament would best suit my pack most and what I was looking for, and I was not disappointed when I finally picked my girl up from the airport. She was everything and more, she has a huge personality and loves to learn and she successfully learn “focus” and “place” within 2 days of her being with me. I love this dog! She’s fun, spunky, loves to talk with us. If your looking for a dog that is very healthy, temperamentally sound, highly trainable and super loving I would 100% suggest Koori Yama. Not only does she produce great dogs, Whitney is amazing to work with. I cannot wait for Circe to mature and I’m just beyond happy with this pup and all the things we hope to accomplish!



We loved our experience with Koori Yama Siberians. We were kept updated and received responses very quickly about our girl Ivy. The pick up process was detailed yet easy. Ivy is healthy and gaining weight/growing fast! She has such a spunky personality that our older Siberian loves. We highly recommend Koori Yama Siberians!



Wow, I wished I could add pictures of my dogs. They are so smart and beautiful! Leo is taking puppy sport ⚽️ he will be a star!! Misha is the most beautiful girl in the Siberian husky world!!! You are awesome Whitney!! Keep going I might get third pup soon!!!!!!



Where to even begin?!?!!I use Siberian Huskies as service dogs that need to be strong enough for full forward momentum and light brace assistance in addition to solid nose work.I have spent years trying to find the perfect balance of temperament and drive. I got lucky with my other 2 huskies but when I saw Koori Yama’s Dark Moon Goddess “Kikyo” posted I knew I needed to snatch her up right away! Not only did she have the best temperament but was a black husky like I’ve always wanted!She has an amazing temperament and drive! She’s already gotten POA, STAR Puppy, CGC, TKN, RATN, and FITS all before 10 months old!She started alerting to my migraines at 4 1/2 months old and working solo outings by 6 months. She continues to excel in her training and has started to try out various sports, like FastCat, coursing ability test, Rally, weight pulling, agility, barn hunt, and nose work.I have had to ask Whitney so many questions about the breed and in showing conformation because I’m still new to the show world (and with owning intact female dogs). Whitney has gone above and beyond to help me and guide me.I’m super happy with my little Kikyo and look forward to her future success!I have recommended Koori Yama’s Siberians to anyone interested in getting a husky because all of her dogs I have seen have been well tempered and gorgeous! I would definitely get another husky from her in the future and I’m proud to have this part angel in my pack!!!!



I cannot say enough good things about Whitney and Koori Yama Siberians. I have had Siberian huskies, and a few other dog/cat/horse/chicken family members over my lifetime. And while all wonderful in their own right, Brego is by far the best. He is so chill and yet so playful. Whitney had a "tag line" in 2019 that she did not breed for blue eyes but for temperment and confirmation, that she bred sound dogs. And I am here to tell you is so true. Brego is the heart of our family, welcoming to older family dogs and guardian of all. I would recommend Koori Yama and their network of breeders for Siberian Huskies. You will get the very best of the breed. Brego is a dark agouti guy with wolf like face and dark eyes. He is as gorgeous as he is special.



We had one husky and knew within a month that he needed a friend. No other breed seemed to match his energy so we decided to get a second husky. After extensive research of THOUSANDS of breeders, we came across Koori Yama Siberians. We fell in love with the healthy bred, loved-in-home style all the dogs were raised in and couldn’t find a negative review or word online. We knew this was it! We only lived a few hours away so we contacted them about a puppy. They were so responsive and informative, and we were sold on this being where we were going to get our new puppy. After discussion of why we were looking and sharing about our current dog, Whitney met us with several puppies. We introduced them to our husky, Raymond, and immediately knew the one puppy who wasn’t afraid of our big boy was the puppy for us! Whitney was so helpful, and gave us great breed specific information that she actually helped us get to the bottom of a stomach issue of our sweet boy! It was so clear that she absolutely adores these dogs and is truly passionate about giving them and then finding them happy, loving homes. These were family members to her, not dollar signs. I wish more people like Whitney existed. After that meeting the puppies needed to be with their mom for two more weeks so she shared updates on Sophie for with us until we were able to go pick her up. This was such a special touch!



I was introduced to Koori Yama Siberians through another breeder after having a terrible experience with a recent puppy purchase. I was hesitant to jump in again so soon since my first pup was only 6 months old,  but I have to say it was the best decision.  Spirit's temperament is exactly what I was looking for in a Siberian! She is the most affectionate,  attentive,  and well mannered dog I've ever had.  Quick to learn and follow training with an eagerness to please.  A sharp contrast from her older sister [not a Koori Yama pup] who's lack of focus and anxiety shows her lack of breeding.  Koori Yama Siberians has shown me what a good breeder is like. Matching their breeding pairs for all of the key aspects of the Siberian line, looks,  temperament and intelligence. I would highly recommend Koori Yama for your next pup!



Koori Yama siberians was one of the first kennels to entrust a show puppy to me when I was a newbie! I will forever be greatful for the trust and the experience it gave me in the ring! Whitney spends alot of time and energy researching her lines and raising beautiful quality dogs many of which have gone on to become champions! Thank you for your support Whitney! We wouldnt have had such a good start without you!



Our husky, Ace, is a dream come true! I was frankly apprehensive about having a husky given I’ve heard how “crazy” they are but my boyfriend insisted. I found Whitney and knew she bred reliable, well-tempered healthy huskies. We reserved our puppy and got our Ace in August 2022. Ace is absolutely one of the best dog I’ve had! He is friendly to all people and dogs and truly the most affectionate dog. He isn’t destructive and has such a level head when going into new experiences. We take him everywhere and everyone is shocked how well behaved he is and how well he handles new experiences. I truly believe that’s a testament to his lineage and breeder. He also LOVES kids and is so gentle with kids, which stems from his experience with Whitney’s boys! So thankful for him and looking forward to getting another Kori Yama siberian in the future!



We brought our girl, “Aria”, home from Koori Yama siberians in July. We were worried about how her temperament would be as we already had a territorial male huskimo. She couldn’t be more perfect for our family. Aria has the sweetest personality and lets “Po” take the lead. She is so smart, and remarkably trainable for a husky. She knew how to sit and wait already at 8 weeks old! Whitney has been awesome and always available to answer any questions we have had along the way. As a previous Siberian owner, I highly recommend this breeder. Thank you, Whitney, for our beautiful little girl!❤️

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